Yea. You know
Yea. You know

Here is my take on the recent events revolving around A.I art.

I am not completely against A.I art.
As scary as it sounds. A.I art is here to stay and we the artists/humans at one point in the near future have to learn to co-exist with it. Due to which I did a couple of posts on artstation a while back regarding A.I art where I wanted to share my views and showcase how one could possibly utilize it as a tool and harness the positive aspect of it.

However lately I have been noticing a lot of users on this website (wont even call them artists) who shamelessly put A.I generated images on their pages, barely tagging and mentioning the image with the correct A.I. info and hashtag so it separates from the real art and not being transparent about the process is incorrect on so many levels. Images generated based on the data of countless talented artists without their consent. Don't even want to talk about A.I image packs being sold on market place.

I have been on artstation for as long as I could remember and that is my daily go to website to get inspiration and see the craft of an actual human being, an actual artist. Not some image with the same style that was generated with a few words that constantly pops up in my feed and looks the same.

It would be difficult to stop a person from uploading their A.I generated image on artstation but then artstation should have a strict filtering process that separates these A.I images from the legit work that a legit artist puts out. Artstation needs to be cleaned off of the A.I images and every artwork put out here should be by default opted out so it can't be used by any A.I generators.

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